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Oh preach on sista about living life and forgetting about age!!!!! Awesome. You know I am digging the french little town print. Might have to save my pennies for that:) Oh wilna digi wowsers!!! For sure will be checking out that!!! And cosmo cricket is divine. So, matches the bloggity blog:)

Beth Perry

love love love that ruffle blouse!!!

Angie B.

ooooh, such pretties! i agree about wilna. she's an amazing digi artist, that one.

live your life, forget your age. i dig it. :)


yep, lotsa good stuff...
did I forget your bday??? oh, I'm so bad, such a loser friend...well, I'm gettin' you somethin' here now....
I love that shirt, btw!

amy lapi

so inspired right now! that shirt is my very favorite! :)

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