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What a awesome exhibit!!!!! oh you and your stealth picture taking:) too funny. Ah museums!!!!! I so need to come visit you. As much as I love modern. you so right about the classics, nothing like it. It would be amazing to go to the MET. I love the happy list. I am so playing along for sure. Ah you always know about the coolest things. You keep this MN girl hip. LOL.
That book looks very good. We should so do a summer reading list together. Have a happy friday my friend!


LOVE this post ... so many things to make me smile. (you're amazing!) xo.


yay for Mehico conmigo....and me likey that ring!

Beth Perry

I love that pic of the Tim exhibit at the museum! I would love to see that!
I sooo wish I lived closer.I would love to come to your crop!
and yaya for our cruise.
My work is starting THE BIGGEST LOSER in a week. So, hopefully that will get my fat ass motivated to lose some weight! lol
Have a great weekend, love! :D


I thought you were coming back????

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